You’ve been paying your second mortgage and/or your equity line of credit payments along with your original mortgage

You’ve been paying your second mortgage and/or your equity line of credit payments along with your original mortgage

Also, according to Fannie Mae, some mortgages will require that you show that you paid off the cards, depending on how you were qualified. This mainly applies when your DTI is too high to qualify. The lender calculates your DTI without the credit card debt, under the assumption that you will pay off the card at closing. In fact, Fannie Mae stipulates that if a revolving account is to be paid and closed with the cash received in the refinance, then then the monthly payment on the outstanding debt will not be included in the DTI.

It would be nice to have just one mortgage to pay each month. By getting a cash-out refinance to pay those other mortgages off, you might have better cash flow, depending on what interest rate you receive and how much you need to take out in cash from your refinance. But remember that on a cash-out refinance, you must pay closing costs. Those costs can add up into the thousands depending on your mortgage. Even if the closing costs can be rolled into your cash-out refi, you will have to pay it – just for a longer period of time. Another thing to consider is how close you are to paying off your original mortgage.

And remember that if your child does take out federal student loans, these offer a few protections if borrowers run into trouble paying them off in the future, according to Federal Student Aid, an office of the U

Are you an expert stock picker? If you could make 10 percent to 20 percent on an investment and you are only going to pay 4 percent for the interest on a cash-out refinance, why wouldn’t you do it? Well, first you have to figure out if that investment truly will pay off. There are no guarantees. But research the investment and see if it fits into your financial plan for the future.

Some people use the cash-out refi to get enough money for a down payment on a second property that they can make into a rental for an investment. It is cheaper money than taking out a home equity loan or borrowing from your 401(k) retirement plan. Others want to put down a down payment on their dream vacation home. It could be that beach house or a mountain cabin. Wherever it may be, you feel that it is time to splurge on something you’ve always wanted. Adding to your quality of life is priceless – but there is a price to getting a cash-out refinance. You do have to pay it back every month, and the equity in your home is now depleted.

Your child means the world to you, and for some reason, you just haven’t put enough in a savings plan for college tuition. Plus, he needs a car to get back and forth to his classes. You figure a cash-out refinance mortgage could solve those problems and help your kid out at the same time. He won’t have to take student loans and worry about paying them back in the future. Well, someone is going to pay for all this, and it fast payday loans, inc. Cleveland, OH will be you. There might be better and less risky ways to get that cash for tuition, buy a car or pay for other big-ticket items.

If it is a new loan and the interest rate is less than what the refinance interest rate will be (or it’s an adjustable rate), then a cash-out refinance could be the answer

A home equity line of credit might be the answer. You can pull money out of it when you need it – like each semester for his college tuition. You can get the money quickly without refinancing your entire original mortgage, and you won’t have to pay hefty closing costs. But home equity loans still put your home at risk if you default. You can also help your child to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can’t receive financial aid at a college unless you apply. S. Department of Education. If you pay the tuition with a cash-out refinance, those protections go away. Plus, if you really need to buy a car, check out all low-interest rate offers, including 0 percent rates, at car dealerships these days. Paying for a car loan for 5 years might work to your advantage compared to adding it in to your mortgage and paying for it the entire 15 to 30 years.