About Us

 Epoxy Floor Ghana are expert with many years experience in epoxy flooring coating. We specialize in 3d floor design, Metallic floor design, Epoxy Industrial coating, Glittering floor, Flakes Floor design, 3d ceiling design , 5d wall mural design, 3d wall panel,3d wall mural design, Decorative concrete stamp design, Acid stain seal design.
We have trained over 1500 people(men/women) across west Africa sub-region to become professional epoxy installer and contractor. Today many are living a professional career in Epoxy. Our focus remain to keep offering comprehensive training to youths of Africa to take the challenge of entrepreneurship via Epoxy work.
Our Vision: To strive to remain most top competitive Epoxy Floor company in Africa with great satisfactory services to all our clients. Interior and exterior decoration of home,industries,Churches mosque etc has been our hallmark. We offer best services in all epoxy. Our Technical and field work team were well trained to undertake every epoxy work both critical ones.
Our vision 2025 is to train about over 50,000 Africa youths to become self employed and fight for sustainability of Africa Economy at large.


  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. General Manager
  3. Administrator Department
  4. Head of Finance Department
  5. Project Manager
  6. Technical Department
  7. Training Staff Department.